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About DISI - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

DISI is the single reference point for Computer Science and Engineering education, research and technology transfer at the University of Bologna.

DISI is one of the top informatics departments in Italy, offering an exciting work and learning environment to its students, teaching staff, research fellows and personnel. Its goal is to contribute to the advancement of society through education, research and technology transfer. This goal is achieved by offering a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from theoretical computer science to software, hardware and application design and development.

DISI strives for excellence in scientific and technological contributions to informatics. DISI researchers are well known internationally in various areas of computer science and engineering and are active in a large number of regional, national and international projects, as well as in industrial research and technology transfer through dedicated centres, academic spin-off industries and individual collaborations. The department provides one of the strongest centres for computer science and engineering research, covering such diverse areas as artificial intelligence, autonomic and complex systems, bio-informatics, middleware systems, networks, information systems and semantic web, programming languages, formal methods, hardware and software systems and their applications in medicine, energy, environment and society, to cite just a few. Its research results are published in the best international journals and presented at top conferences worldwide.

DISI offers a wide variety of degree options to suit your educational goals: Bachelor, Masters, and PhD degrees in Computer Science, in Engineering, and in Computer Science & Engineering, both at the Bologna and Cesena campuses. These curricula are grounded on thirty years of teaching experience accumulated at the former Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Engineering. Our aim is to produce creative computer scientists and engineers with a rich collection of technical skills. Students with a bachelor degree are ready to enter the job market as productive computer scientists or to continue their education with the graduate level. Their foundation in computer science and engineering is sufficiently solid to enable them to proceed in a life-long learning programme in their chosen fields.

Study at DISI means to be capable of leading and also to be led towards a deep understanding of the pillars of modern information society, including: Internet, the Web, social networks, electronic commerce, intelligent systems, search engines, cloud computing. It also means to be able to create your own opportunities for improving quality of life by developing future computer applications, and to gain access to a global labor market, where your skills can be exploited anywhere in the world. The demand for skilled computer scientists and engineers is ever increasing at both national and international level. DISI has strong ties with many industries and offers its students career counselling, opportunities for internships and study abroad at some of the most prestigious institutions through many international cooperation programmes.