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The IEEE Student Branch of Bologna is now open!

IEEE Student Branch is the student section of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology worldwide. IEEE Student Branch gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and professionals in the field, by networking in their areas of interest and future profession. Seminars with guest speakers, who are professionals working in the field, enable students to enhance their knowledge outside the classroom. Joint seminars let students meet and talk with other interested students. Student Professional Awareness Conferences help increase awareness of professional issues such as ethics, continuing education, and communication skills.

The IEEE Student Branch of Bologna is now open again. It is a University student group, where present, past and future students meet to extend their academic and working career with the knowledge needed to continue their research interests. To participate to the Student Branch is necessary to be enrolled to IEEE as Student member.


For every information or to participate to the IEEE Student Branch of Bologna, please refer to:

Chair: Domenico Scotece (

Vice-Chair: Bahare Masood Khorsandi (

Secretary: Alessandro Zanni (

Counselor: Prof. Massimo Rudan(

Published on 23 November 2017