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Seminario - OpenCL and the Quest for Performance Portability, Timothy Mattson (Intel)

26/10/2011 dalle 14:00 alle 18:00

Dove sala Asinelli, via Ranzani, 13/2.

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OpenCL is an important new standard for heterogeneous computing. With
OpenCL, a software developer can write a single program that runs on
everything from a cell phone to a node in a supercomputer. To reach
its full potential, however, OpenCL needs to deliver more than
portability.  It needs to deliver "performance portability". In this
talk, we will discuss the "performance portability" of OpenCL
programs. Frankly, achieving good "performance portability" can be
challenging with the current release of OpenCL, so in addition to tips
for writing "performance portable" code today, we'll discuss potential
enhancements to OpenCL to improve "performance portability".

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