Department governing bodies

The organs of the Department are the Director, the Vice Director, the Administrative Manager, the Department Council and the Department Council.


Prof. Maurizio Gabbrielli

The Director is a professor of the Department, remains in office for three years and is renewable once. He is elected by the Department Council.

The Director has the function of directing, initiating and coordinating the scientific and educational activities of the Department; he is responsible for the implementation of what has been decided by the collegial bodies, he directs and coordinates the technical-administrative staff on the basis of the provisions of the Regulation of Organization, he supervises the research activities, taking care of the evaluation, and the division of teaching duties among professors and researchers of the Department, according to the guidelines of the University on educational planning and he supervises the fulfillment of these tasks. He also presides over the Department Council and the Giunta.


Prof. Andrea Omicini
He is appointed by the Director. He substitutes the Director in case of absence or impediment.

Administrative Manager

Lucia Adamo
The Administrative Manager coordinates the administrative services and offices of the Department. Technically prepares the budget and the balance sheet, as well as the balance sheet. It supports the Organs according to the rules of the regulations in force on accounting and organization of services and assumes the functions of secretary in the Council and the Council of the Department. It collaborates with the Director for all activities concerning the best functioning of the structure.

The Department Council

The Council is the governing body of the Department to which is entrusted the development and planning activities, as well as the choice of criteria for their implementation.

It is composed of professors, researchers belonging to the Department and representatives of the technical-administrative staff, research assistants, doctoral students and students.

The Council is chaired by the Director, Prof. Maurizio Gabbrielli.

The Secretary is the Administrative Manager, Dr. Lucia Adamo.


The tasks of the Department Council, in the composition defined by the Regulations of the Department, are the following:

  • elect the Department Director
  • dictate the general criteria for the use of funds allocated to the Department for research;
  • approve an annual plan for the development of research of interest to the Department;
  • formulate requests for teaching and research positions, which are then forwarded to the Schools;
  • express opinions regarding contract Professors;
  • collaborate with the governing bodies of the University.

Representatives in the Department Council

  • Assignees' representatives: Lorenzo Patera, Angelo Croatti, Andrea Melis
  • PhD students' representatives: Ciatto Giovanni
  • Student representatives: Conti Carlo Maria, De Angelis Paolo, Lavista Andrea, Pisanò Lorenzo
  • Technical-administrative staff representatives: Bruschi Camilla, Giordani Marco, Graziano Daniela, Medri Sara, Pizzinelli Alberto, Schena Irene, Toselli Davide, Velino Valerio, Zanna Alice

The minutes of the Department Council meetings are available in the virtual spaces of collaboration.

The Council

The Council is the governing body of the Department which assists the Director. In addition to expressing its opinion to the Director of the Department regarding the exercise of its functions, it also exercises a deliberative role in relation to any functions delegated to it by the Council.

The Council remains in office for three academic years and the renewal is simultaneous for all components.

Components of the DISI Council

The Department Council is composed, in addition to the Director, who presides over it, by a representation of first and second level professors and researchers. The Administrative Secretary is also part of the Board, with an advisory vote.

  • Director - prof. Maurizio Gabbrielli
  • Deputy Director - prof. Andrea Omicini
  • Head of Cesena UOS - Prof. Mirko Viroli
  • Administrative secretary: dott.ssa Lucia Adamo
  • Professors and researchers: prof.ssa Ilaria Bartolini, prof. Marco Di Felice, prof. Luigi Di Stefano, prof.ssa Annalisa Franco, dr. Michele Lombardi, prof. Giovanni Pau, dr.ssa Catia Prandi, dr. Davide Rossi, prof. Gianluigi Zavattaro;
  • appointed by the Director: prof.ssa Anna Ciampolini, prof. Lorenzo Donatiello, prof. Antonio Corradi;
  • Representatives of the administrative technical staff: elected from among the members of the Department Council: Camilla Bruschi, Giordani Marco
  • Student representatives elected from among the members of the Department Council: Andrea Lavista, Giovanni Ciatto.

The representatives of the assignees in the Department Council are invited to the Giunta meetings.

The minutes of the meetings of the Department Council are available in the virtual collaboration spaces.