School-work alternance

The Department activates integrated courses of alternation School-Work to enrich the technical knowledge and soft skills of students of high schools.

Each project has three stages.

1. A welcoming meeting, which has as its goals:

- socialize in the new work context, understand one's role, rights and duties within it, know the university context;
- know methodologies and tools to analyze the organizational context with notes to theories of organization;
- Focus on the most relevant transversal skills that can be acquired during the experience (communication, autonomy, achievement of objectives, teamwork, problem solving).

Duration: 4 hours

A brief initial questionnaire will be provided to the student.

1. Fieldwork at the Facility. The duration and objectives of the activities vary depending on the project in which you participate.
2. A final meeting aimed at reflecting on the elements of awareness learned and argued in the logbook, provided to the student at the beginning of the training, which is then returned by each at the end of the training.

Duration: 2 hours

A short questionnaire will be provided to the student regarding their satisfaction with the experience.


- Computational Thinking and Coding
- It' s time to program

Occupational Health and Safety Information

The students will be required to follow the occupational health and safety training for the education sector (medium risk):

1) General safety training course of 4 hours.

2) Specific safety training course of 8 hours

3) Specific safety training course of about 2 hours (provided by the University through its own qualified trainer) during which the emergency plan of the site and the specific risks of the laboratories where students will enter will be explained.

Reference professor:

Alessandro Ricci

Antonella Carbonaro