Research laboratories

Research Laboratories

In the research laboratories, activities in support of advanced teaching, project development, experimental theses, and research activities are carried out. Students in graduate programs and undergraduates, together with PhD students and graduates with scholarships and research grants, can develop innovative projects from a technical and scientific point of view, integrating in research groups led by teachers.

DISI laboratories are divided by location (some are in Bologna, others in Cesena), some laboratories are shared with other departments or centers of excellence (DEI and ARCES), others belong to interdepartmental centers (CIRI ICT) and others are laboratories created in collaboration with institutes and consortia outside the University (INRIA, CINI).

Bologna Campus DISI Laboratories: In the Bologna campus DISI has the following research and advanced teaching laboratories

Apple Development Center UNIBO

CVLab: Computer Vision Lab

WilMA-lab : WireLess Networks, IoT and Mobile Applications

Laboratorio datalab

LIA: Laboratorio di Informatica avanzata

Smart Data Research Group

Cesena Campus DISI Laboratories: In Cesena DISI has the following research and advanced teaching laboratories

Smart City Lab

Biometric System Laboratory

Business Intelligence Lab

CVG Computer Vision Group Lab


dasLAB Distributed Autonomous Systems lab

PSLab Pervasive Software Lab

Laboratories shared with other departments and centers of excellence:

Industrial Informatics Laboratory (shared with DEI).

Laboratories of CIRI ICT Interdepartmental Center (Shared with ARCES)  

CINI Laboratory: CINI is an inter-university consortium on computer science that has created research laboratories. One of these laboratories is located at DISI.

Laboratories in collaboration with organizations and institutions outside UNIBO

DISI hosts a laboratory of the ICT CIRI dedicated to technology transfer and collaborations with industries and public institutions.

Big Data


Cyber Security

AsTech Assistive Technologies

Innovation Development Center 

This virtual laboratory for teaching, thesis and research is made available by Injenia and consists of access to Google's cloud computing infrastructure for experimentation and development of thesis and project activities. It is also available for each activated project a budget for services normally paid.

To activate a project it is necessary to make arrangements with a DISI teacher, fill out the following form and wait to receive the credentials for access and instructions for use