Institutional Contacts

The Department Director may delegate authority for cross-cutting issues of particular importance.

Delegations of the Department Director

  • Vice-Director Prof. Andrea Omicini
    The Vice-Director replaces the Director in case of absence or temporary impediment. He is appointed by the Director immediately after his inauguration.
  • Head of the UOS of Cesena prof. Mirko Viroli
    The Head of the UOS is elected by the Department Council among the professors belonging to the UOS and coordinates the teaching and research activities carried out in Cesena. He is in charge of ordinary administration.
  • Delegate for research: Prof. Davide Maltoni
  • Delegate for internationalization: Prof. Luca Foschini
  • Delegate for Open Science: Prof. Davide Maltoni
  • Coordinator of Third Mission Commission: Prof. Marco Di Felice
  • Coordinator of VRA area 1-9 Commission: Prof. Andrea Omicini
  • Library Commission Coordinator: Prof. Ilaria Bartolini
  • Coordinator of the Computer Services Commission: Dr. Irene Schena

Proxies of the Rector

The Rector may grant delegations and project assignments for transversal themes of particular relevance.