Remote Access

Allows those who have their own Unibo enabled account or the owners of the old Department accounts ( to remotely access the machines on which their work environment and their Home are present.


Teachers and researchers, students, collaborators, guests


The machines managed by the Department can be reached remotely, both internally and externally to the Department network. Access can be made either from Windows or Linux or Mac systems. To access the Department's Linux machines, just use an ssh client.

Linux machines

The machine cluster is divided into two groups: laboratory machines and teaching machines. While the laboratory machines allow access (even remotely) to the students, the teaching machines allow access only to teachers and researchers, collaborators and guests.

Remote access to Department workstations is always possible; however, in some periods the teaching laboratories machines can be reserved exclusively for exam sessions and in this case remote access is temporarily disabled.

To access the machines it is necessary to open any terminal and launch the command ssh ex:

Workstation Ercolani Laboratory   


Workstation teachers