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Research Areas

The main activity of the Department consists in promoting and coordinating the scientific research.

The department joins the long tradition in conducting basic and foundational as well as technology driven and experimental research of both computer scientists and computer engineers.

ACM Computing Classification System of DISI Research.

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomic and Complex Systems
Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous and Complex Systems The research activity at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is very active in the Artificial Intelligence, autonomous and complex systems areas. It spans topics such as knowledge representation and automatic reasoning in agent and multi-agent systems to modeling and simulation of complex systems and networks
Computational Biology, Bio-Informatics and Biometrics In this research area computational models and computer science techniques are exploited to address challenging problems in biology; meanwhile, new effective computational frameworks are designed by trying to mimic the extraordinary aptitude of biological organisms in solving perceptive-cognitive problems and in learning/self-organizing.
Networks, Middleware, Distributed and Mobile Systems
Earth Network Several research groups in the department are active in the large area of middleware and software support for advanced distributed and mobile systems. The availability of ubiquitous and anytime connectivity is pushing towards novel services and applications, which pose a variety of challenging technical issues.
Information Systems and Semantic Web
Information Systems and Semantic Web Research on Information Systems deals with the efficient and effective storage and retrieval of large amounts of data of a possibly heterogeneous and unstructured nature. Research in this area carried out at DISI includes the design of data warehouses, mining of knowledge from large data collections, efficient and effective management of multimedia and uncertain data and in the semantic web, self-organization of distributed information systems, and management of temporal aspects in databases.
Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Formal Methods
Software engineering Research on programming languages and formal methods exploits mathematical techniques for designing, realizing and verifying complex software systems. It covers a wide range of activities, including theoretical studies on basic properties of computability and interaction, the design of new programming languages, the development of engineering techniques for the production of large industrial software.
Systems Puzzle Research on Systems covers a wide range of topics related to systems engineering and management, which are characterized by the integration of computer science and engineering solution with other varieties of both technical and non-technical components and processes.
Big data management and analytics
Big data management and analytics Research on BigData is aimed at the development of innovative techniques for analysis and management of massive datasets. It covers a variety of activities, including parallel and distributed computing, indexing and query processing for non-conventional data, text and data mining in distributed environments, analysis of data coming from social media and healthcare, and business intelligence.


Horizon 2020
DISI application areas are diverse and multidisciplinary, having a significant impact on environmental and social challenges defined in Horizon 2020.