Commissions and Committees

The Director relies on the input of Committees and Working Groups to coordinate the institutional activities of the Department.

Teaching Commission


It is responsible for coordination, planning, orientation, monitoring and quality control in the teaching field and is currently chaired by the Director.


The committee is composed of DISI members of the Boards of the two Schools and Vice-Director, the students of the Council and the Doctoral Coordinator, as well as Valerio Velino.

Research Commission


The tasks of the Research Commission can be summarized as follows:

  •  To bring together all areas of expertise of the Department in a single collegial discussion table, providing all the information support and internal coordination in order to facilitate the knowledge and the interchange of skills and participation in national and international research projects (PRIN, FIRB, HORIZON2020, PON etc.) and ensuring interactions with GTAs.
  • Evaluate research products and results under the guidance of the Department's members for Panel 1-9 of the University Research Assessment Committee (VRA) (also constituting the Departmental Research of Departmental Research) and propose the relative distribution of research funds to the Council and the Department.
  • Monitor and analyze, also with the support of appropriate data collection, the research activity of the groups of the Department, on the basis of appropriate indicators consistent with the objectives of the Department and the University or other relevant bodies at national and international level (e.g. ANVUR, Ranking Agencies).
  • Organize annual initiatives for the enhancement of research in the Department, scientific dissemination and technology transfer, science dissemination initiatives in schools, participation in the Night of Researchers and other public engagement events.

The research committee consists of the following professors: Davide Maltoni (research delegate of the Department and research committee coordinator) , Paolo Bellavista (Panel evaluation area1-9 VRA), Paolo Ciancarini, (Panel evaluation area1-9 VRA), Ivan Lanese, Moreno Marzolla, Andrea Omicini (member of the University Research Evaluation Committee - VRA), Marco Patella, Davide Sangiorgi (Computer Science and Engineering PhD Coordinator), Gianluigi Zavattaro (Panel evaluation area1-9 VRA).


The Commission is composed by Professors Paolo Bellavista, Paolo Ciancarini, Davide Sangiorgi (PhD coordinator), Moreno Marzolla, Michela Milano, Andrea Omicini, Gianluigi Zavattaro, Ivan Lanese.

Prof. Michela Milano acts as coordinator.

Commission for the Evaluation of Research in the University (VRA Commission)


The VRA Commission was established with the aim of providing the academic bodies and structures of the University with the tools to govern the allocation of resources on the basis of merit criteria.


Professors Paolo Ciancarini (Panelist Area 1-9 Informatics), Paolo Bellavista (Panelist Area 1-9 Informatics), Andrea Omicini (VRA Component), Gianluigi Zavattaro (Panelist Area 1-9 Informatics) participate in the Commission.

Research Quality Group of the Department

The reference group for Quality will also deal annually with quality assurance activities related to the SUA-RD and to maintain relations with the Presidium of Quality Assurance of the University in concert with the Director and the Research Referent of the Department.


Paolo Ciancarini, Paolo Bellavista, Andrea Omicini, and Gianluigi Zavattaro are part of the group.

Computer Services Commission


It aims to rationalize and enhance the IT services offered and the resources and equipment available,removing logistical obstacles, in an attempt to optimize the research and teaching activities of the Department.

It should be noted that the technical computing staff of DISI is mainly of high specialization that, in addition to common services, is involved in the management of research laboratories and advanced teaching.


The committee is coordinated by Dr. Marco Giordani, Head of Laboratory Technical Services and it is composed by professors Renzo Davoli, Vittorio Ghini, Andrea Omicini, Marco Prandini, Nazzareno Pompei, Alberto Pizzinelli, Marco Giordani, Leonardo Corbo.

Library Commission


DISI belongs to the Interdepartmental Library of Engineering and Architecture (located in Bologna and Cesena) and to the Interdepartmental Library of Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy and Informatics. The users of these libraries are students of Bachelor, Master and PhD courses, who use them mainly for in-depth studies and elaboration of theses and dissertations, as well as professors, researchers and assignees of the Department for research purposes.

The library commission coordinates the activities, the purchases and the management of the dedicated funds.


The committee is chaired by Prof. Andrea Omicini and includes the following professors: Simone Martini, Michela Milano, Andrea Omicini, Claudio Sacerdoti-Coen, Paola Salomoni and members belonging to the library staff: Maria Pia Torricelli and Francesca Papi.

DISI is also represented in the Scientific Committees of the Interdepartmental Libraries. In particular:

Prof. Michela Milano and Prof. Andrea Omicini for the Interdepartmental Library of Engineering and Architecture; Prof. Claudio Sacerdoti Coen for the Interdepartmental Library of Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy and Informatics.